Crolla combines the highest standards in safety and design with our car seat.
We make the safety and comfort of your child our top priority.


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Safety | Quality | Comfort

Our goal

Keep your child safe and comfortable with a high quality baby car seat from Crolla. Whether used for short trips around town or longer getaways to visit family out-of-state, a car seat is a travel must for parents and babies that is sure to get use season after season. Our mission is to keep your child safe and comfortable. Crolla combines the highest standards in safety and design with our car seat. We make the safety and comfort of your child our top priority. We know that the smallest things can make the biggest difference in taking care of your baby. That’s why everything we design is easy to operate, giving you more time to focus on what really matters most, your little one.

Growing years of your child is precious, choose the best car seat and make pleasant memories together. There is no perfect car seat but the most suitable one. Crolla offers excellent baby gears that are customised/personalised designed for your child. Bring us along to the growth journey of your child. Feel the luxurious experience and enjoy.

We provide not only 100% quality products but 100% professional and responsible services to all our customers. Let us be part of your parenthood.

Practical for parents and comfortable for the child – The perfect companion for everyday life. Let Crolla baby gears convince you.


Our Mission

We never compromise on integrated functionality, premium quality and unique design of our products. Our mission is to create products that inspire parents and their babies, taking into consideration practicality and ease of use, while putting safety and quality as our top priority, addressing the needs of every parent and kid.

Our Vision

To make a positive impact on families around the world, while solving all the pain points and problems in day-to-day parenting. In addition, we hope to inspire more and more parents for practical and hassle-free parenthood solutions with our quality products.

the new luxury for your child

Why Crolla

Crolla car seats are developed by leading engineers, our child safety seats are regularly tested under real-life conditions both internally and at external crash facilities and testing labs. Our manufacturing facilities and production team ensure that Crolla products always meet the safety standards and are of the highest quality.

Put your child’s safety and comfort first. Explore the great selection of toddler and baby car seats available at Crolla today!

Safety | Quality | Comfort

why crolla

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