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What are the differences between Alpha and Nexus?

Nexus is suitable for new-born to 12 years old, but Alpha can only fit new-born to 7 years old. Nexus has 4 layers of protection with double side impact protection and Alpha has basic car seat protection with ECE certified approved. Alpha is designed in Slim fit size and Nexus has slightly wider seat compared to Alpha.

Can my car fit Crolla Nex360?

This model can only install in ISOFIX. To find out if your car has ISOFIX points, look for ISOFIX labels between the base and the backrest of your car seat. Not all cars come with ISOFIX car mounting systems, so it is critical to make sure that your car model is fitted with ISOFIX before purchasing your ISOFIX car seat.

How to pay with instalment?

Simply use any debit card or credit card from all bank!
How to pay by installment? Few simple steps as below:

1. Visit to crollababy.com/shop
2. Select the product that you wish to purchase
3. Add to cart and click "Check Out"
4. Fill up shipping details
5. Choose “Hoolah” when proceed to payment
6. Done! We will have your item delivered directly to your doorstep.

How to install car seat in my car?

Select your car seat model:

S+ Isofix
S+360 Isofix

What is Buckle Alert System?

Buckle alert system is a beeping alarm to alert parents when harness is unbuckled, keeping your child safe and secure when driving.

What is Extend Rear Facing?

Simply use any debit card or credit card from all bank! Rearward facing restraints are better designed to absorb most of the crash forces and support child’s head, neck and spine. Upon impact, the forces of the collisions are distributed across the shell of the seat instead directly to your child. Extended rear facing car seat can allows your child to travel rear facing longer typically up to around 4 years old.

What are the differences between Nexus and Nexus Unicorn Series?

Nexus and Nexus Unicorn Series are pretty much similar however, Nexus Unicorn has an additional safety feature of Buckle Alert System. Plus, it is designed specifically to enhance fantasy childhood for your child with an exclusive purple unicorn.

Install with ISOFIX is it safer than install with seat belt?

They are equally safe as long as you install it properly.

Differences between Aura and Nexus

Aura is a booster seat and Nexus is a convertible car seat. Aura is suitable for 1 year old to 12 years old. However Nexus can fit from newborn to 12 years old. Nexus can be used either by rear facing or forward-facing position. However, Aura can only be installed in forward facing position. The car seat size of Aura is slimmer compared to Nexus. The seat of Nexus can adjust in few recline levels while the seat of Aura cannot be adjusted.

Where to buy?

How to adjust the harness?

If my car doesn’t have isofix, what car seat can I get?

We would recommend Alpha, Aura, Nexus, Nexus Unicorn, Air Unicorn, S+ ISOFIX

Baby cry when put him in car seat/ baby doesn’t want to sit

Bring the car seat in the house and let your baby sit and play in it. Once she gets used to it in the house, she may be happier to sit there in the car. If your car has DVD, you may let your baby to watch educational movies or you can buy a toy for her but she can only play it when she is in the car seat. That toy must be placed in the car only, don’t bring it anywhere. So next time she will be excited to get into the car seat.

Air flex can bring into flight?

This stroller is a cabin size stroller. Whether if the stroller can be brought into the flight or not, it depends on the airline. Some airline they are not allowed to bring in stroller even it’s designed small that could fit it in a cabin, they would prefer to be checked in. It is advisable to check it with the airline first before boarding.

Is it safe to use second-hand car seat?

It is not recommended for your child to ride with second-hand car seat. You usually can’t be 100% sure of a second-hand car seat’s history, including whether it has been involved in a crash, its expiration date as set by the manufacturer and its recall status. Even if the seat looks undamaged, crash forces could have stressed the component in ways that aren’t visible which has lost its ability to protect your child in the future.

When is the time for a new car seat?

When your child outgrows the maximum weight or height that the current car seat can withstand. The top of the child’ head appears above the upper edge of the headrest. Check the shoulder belts and distance to the top of the seat. Shoulder belts should not come from below our baby’s shoulders. So, if the shoulder belts are not coming straight onto the shoulders anymore when having the headrest/belts in the highest setting, then it’s time to change. Seat label tell you when the seat was built. It is important that car seats are approved to ECE R44/04 and maximum weight should not exceed based on ECE R44/04 approved.

How to choose a car seat?

It’s super confusing and stressful especially for first time parents as there are a ton of considerations that would be running through your mind to find the perfect car seat to secure your child on each ride. We are here to guide you but first there are few points needed to evaluate and help us lead you to choose the most suitable car seat for your little ones.