Car Seat Mirror

Car Seat Mirror


About Car Seat Mirror

Crolla Car Seat Mirror
  •  Adjustable rear car seat mirror
  • Large rectangular shape allows a wider viewing angle
  • Designed to help driver to see your baby when they are in a rearward facing car seat. Without having to turn your head whilst driving.
  • Headrest mount - simply position rear view mirror towards the baby mirror
  • Adjustable angle - easily rotates & pivots for a clear view
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    1. 1. 4 seats in one

Accompany and protect your child‘s growth from new-born to 12 years old.

    1. 2. 360° smooth spin

Smooth 360-degree rotation to make carrying your child in and out from the car easier than ever.

    1. 3. Safely rear facing longer

Extended rear facing weight support up to 18kg. For up to 80% more neck protection.

    1. 4. Safer and stronger

Side Impact Protection System (SIPS) absorbs the impact of side collision, distribute the force of the crash away from your child’s body, shielding fragile heads and necks during a crash preventing serious head trauma.

    1. 5. Click and Go installation

Quick and simple ISOFIX installation, making every installation easy and accurate.

    1. 6. Provide extra energy absorption

– Padded infant head and body support which offers layers of protection.

    1. 7. Highest level of comfort

Can be reclined into 6 different positions, provide the most comfortable positioning for your little one.

    1. 8. Steel reinforced shell

– Reinforced with a steel frame for superior impact protection.

    1. 9. Ventilation cushion

Keeps air flowing during hot weather offering a more comfortable ride for your child and feel the experience you never have before